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FHS-SH-Set HCR Series
Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH

Conduit Sets are specially designed for cable routing on Hanwha robot HCR Series. All necessary parts inclusive of the strain relief are included. The FHS solution allows an easy installation of the whole system through Velcro tapes.


Each set includes ...

  • 4x basic body for mounting, with installed system holder Velcro
  • 1x system holder
  • 5x ball joints
  • 1x strain relief
  • 1x clamp
  • 1x end sleeve
  • 1.3, 2m or 3m special conduit for highly dynamic applications
  • 1x installation instructions


How to install ...

  1. Insert the cables into the conduit
  2. Cut the ET strain relief and push the cables through the strain relief grommet.
  3. Place the ET strain relief onto the corrugated pipe.
  4. Fix the system holder at the clamp
  5. Install the clamp on the robot
  6. Install the ball joints around the conduit and insert them in the system holders; the ball joint with strain relief has to be fixed in the system holder which is installed at the clamp
  7. Position the FHS around the robot arm and close it with Velcro tape.

Order Guide

Item FHS-SH-Set HCR-12 FHS-SH-Set HCR-5 FHS-SH-Set HCR-3
Order No. 3693510 83693509 83693508
Compatible Robot HCR-12 HCR-5 HCR-3


| ABIROB W 300
| 2F-85, 2F-140