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Co-act EGP-C


Electric 2-finger parallel gripper certified for collaborative operation with actuation via 24 V and digital I/O

Field of application

Gripping and moving small and medium-sized workpieces with flexible force in collaborative operation in the areas of assembly, electronics and machine tool loading


Characterization Unit Co-act EGP-C 40-N-N-URID Co-act EGP-C 40-N-N-HCR
SCHUNK ID   1326455 1362939
General operating data      
Compatible robot   HCR-3 HCR-5 and HCR-12
Robot flange   EN ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6  EN ISO-9409-1-50-4-M6
Integrated sensors   yes, inductive in two directions yes, inductive in two directions
Dimensions X x Y x Z [mm] 93.8 x 90.2 x 123 93.8 x 90.2 x 123
Mechanical operating data      
Stroke per jaw [mm] 6 6
Min./max. gripping force [N] 35/140 35/140
Min./max. force per jaw [N] 17.5/70 17.5/70
Recommended workpiece weight (friction grip) [kg] 0.7 0.7
Max. permissible finger length [mm] 50 50
Max. permissible mass per finger [kg] 0.08 0.08
Repeat accuracy [mm] 0.02 0.02
Closing/opening time [s] 0.2/0.2 0.2/0.2
Weight [kg] 0.59 0.7
Min./max. ambient temperature [°C] 5/55 5/55
Protection class IP   30 30
Cable connector/cable end   M8 M12
Electrical operating data      
Nominal voltage [V DC] 24 24
Nominal current [A] 0.2 0.2
Max. current [A] 0.6 0.6
Controller electronics   integrated integrated
Communication interface   digital I/O digital I/O
Number of digital I/O   2/2 2/2


Item Status
Compatible Robots HCR-3, HCR-5, HCR-12
Flange Compatible
Tool IO Connector · M8 : HCR-3
· M12 : HCR-5, HCR-12
Control Method Digital IO of Tool IO


| NT 50-CC-EN
| NT 50-RS-EN