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  • Long Stoke : 85mm or 140mm
  • Self lock function prevent falling when power off
  • Emergency switch : Open & Close when emergency situation occur
  • RS-485 Communication protocol For connection with GUI program
  • Easy wiring system by simply following the image
  • Easy GUI program can control Stroke, Torque and RPM


Mechanical Properties

Item JEGB-485 JEGB-4140
Stoke 0 to 85mm 0 to 140mm
Weigt 1.19kg 1.25kg
Max Load 5kg 3kg
Gripping force 30 to 250 N 15 to 150N
Open/Close Speed 9 to 85 mm/s 14 to 140mm/s
Operating Temperature -10 to 50℃ -10 to 50℃
Parallel Grip Repeatability ±0.05mm ±0.08mm
Max. length attach 60mm 60mm

Electrical Properties

Item JEGB-485/4140
Supply Voltage DC 24V
Digital IO Input : 5
Output : 3
Communication for GUI RS-485
Programmable gripping parameters Position, Speed, Gripping force
Combination of input signals Max. 30 positions
  • External Grip 10, Standby 5 positions
  • Internal Grip 10, Standby 5 positions


Item Status
Compatible Robots HCR-3, HCR-5, HCR-12
Quick Guide Possible to supply
Tool IO Connector Possible to supply
Setting of gripper positions JRT's software on External PC via RS-485

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