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SRP Cobot Palletiser
RCO Mechatronics BV

The new SRP Cobot from RCO Mechatronics is an extreme compact, versatile and fully automatic, low-cost modular robot palletizing system, based on a Hanwha HCR-12 industrial collaborative robot.

Designed for easy, low-capacity palletizing on a very small footprint. The system is available in two versions.


Item Value
Robot Hanwha HCR-12 industrial collaborative robot – max 12Kg payload
Gripper Cobot vacuum gripper (other types possible)
Pallets Floor level – 2 pallet positions for continues operation
SRP Cobot-B palletizing height B-version (Basic): Max ±1000 mm on Euro- and CHEP pallet, depending on product specifications
SRP Cobot-L palletizing height L-version (Lift): Max. ±2000 mm on Euro and CHEP pallets - in combination with a SKF lift kit, depending on product specifications
Capacity Maximum of 8 cases p/m, depending on product specifications
Product weight Max 10Kg per product
Product types Standard for closed Boxes. Special applications e.g. bags, trays possible
Pallet types Euro: 800mm x 1200mm and CHEP: 1000mm x 1200mm
Extra options
  • Pickpoint roller conveyor with automatic stopper- and box alignment
  • Layer sheet unit

* Pallet pattern can be easily created via MultiPack, a offline software.
   You can load the new pattern via USB in the robot controller and you are good to go!



SRP Cobot Palletiser is provided as a solution including HCR-12


 For more information, please visit RCO Mechatronics BV. (click)

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