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Pickit M-HD
Pickit 3D

The Pickit M-HD is a plug & play 3D camera and software for your robot. It enables to automate pick and place tasks easy for achieving fast, flexible, precise production, that can run with 24/7 reliability. Our artificial intelligence makes your robot smart.

The Pickit M-HD is best fit for the picking of small objects with high accuracy from bins, boxes and table, pallet unloading, machine loading, assembly.

Minimum object size: 10 x 10 x 5 mm


Item Value
3D measurement method Structured light
Image processing speed 10 Hz (100ms snapshots)
3D Camera accuracy 0.1mm
3D Camera repeatability < 1mm
3D Camera weight 2kg
3D camera connection to PC M12 (USB) - USB3
PC connection to robot TCP/IP over Ethernet
Power supply M12-5 24VDC
Temperature 10°C to 40°C
Humidity 95% @ 40°C (non-condensing)
IP rating IP65
Vibrations 5G Sinus, 25G Shock
Conforms to CE, CB, EN6950, FCC class A

For more information, please visit Pickit 3D. (click)


Item Status
Compatible robots HCR-3, HCR-5, HCR-12
Integration level Easy
Camera Mount L-bracket mount is include
Software Easy GUI setting on vision PC
Calibration Camera-Robot calibration plate and software are included
Tool Flange Compatible robot mounting plate can be ordered
Manual for HCR Available
Sciprt Samples Available



A guide for setting up Pickit with HCR is available from Pickit. (click)
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