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Smart parts feeder AIVE 2.0/3.0
AIM company
  • Vibration parts feeding platform For Robot and vision
  • Recommend parts size 0.5 ~ 40mm
  • No damaged parts handling.
  • Vibration control Frequency, Stroke
  • Reliability and Great accuracy with Encoder
  • Easy control and application program
  • Direct control button and status LED


Item AIVE2.0 AIVE3.0
Power DC 24V
Communication TCP/IP, IO
Mode Manual, Setting
Vibration 10~90Hz, 0.1~7mm Stroke
Parts Size 0.1~30mm 20~40mm
Product Size (w x d x h) 120 x 150 x 250 mm 180 x 230 x 250 mm

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Item Status
Compatible Robot HCR-3, HCR-5, HCR-12
HCR side Ethernet (TCP/IP), Digital IO
Device Side Ethernet (TCP/IP), Digital IO, RS-323 (via extra PC)
| RG2, RG6
| 1A CoBot Dress Pack