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The Safe Robotics Area Protection is a safety system for cooperative human robot applications.

Safety & flexibility: freely accessible application is possible through the intelligent combination of a safety laser scanner and a Flexi Soft safety controller

Don’t waste time: Easy integration between safety sensors with robot controller is possible thanks to the tried-and-tested logic functions

Increase the productivity of the manufacturing process with less downtimes and optimized working process


Item Value
Product Type Hardware and Software
Robot Controller Generic
Safety Task Hazardous and Protection
Stopping Process of the Robot With Speed Reduction
Robot Restart Automatic
Performance Level PLd (ISO 13849-1)
Supply voltage Vs 24V DC (16.8V DC ~ 28.8 V DC)
Ambient Operating Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 50℃
Safety Laser Scanner S300 Mini Remote
Protective Field Range 3m
Safety Controller Included Flexi Soft


Safety Controller HCR Controller
Emergency Stop (Q1) Cabling to Emergency Port
* No setting is required
Protective Stop (Q2) Cabling to Safety Input Port
* Enable 'SafeGuard Stop' on Rodi UI
Safety-rated monitored speed (Q3) Cabling to Flexible Input Port
* Enable 'Reduced Speed' on Rodi UI
| Asycube 50 & Asycube 80
| RG2-FT