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Magbot Automatic Tool Changer
Magbot, robot automatic tool changer, is the world's first fully wireless tool changing system for Hanwha Precision Machinery/Robotics.
A single robot requires various robot end-effectors (tools) to provide multi-processing and services; thus, an automatic robotic tool changer is essential to change the tools automatically. Magbot offers an ultra-simple changing system based on ultra-fast, ultra-powerful switching magnetic technology. It is recognized with the top quality with strong durability (drop, bump, vibration) and high reliability (high & low temperature, high humidity, waterproof, dustproof).
Magbot has 3 kinds of ATC(automatic tool changer) ; TCV1, TCV2 and TCW1 for Hanhwha Precision Machinery/Robotics.  Along with the world's first fully wireless robot tool changer of TCW1 with a payload of 10Kg, the wired tool changer of TCV1 with a payload of 10Kg and TCV2 with a payload of 16Kg are an ultra-simple operating system by using the power system (24V 2A) of Hanwha Precision Machinery/Robotics without the external power and pneumatic system.
The price competitive Magbot tool plate (Tool-side Tool Changer) for the expansion of various tools for automated and unmanned robot system ensures strong scalability. Magbot also provides innovative value to customers by expanding the application to Magnetic Gripper for the pick and place process, in addition to the robot automatic tool changing function for unmanned and automation.


Features & Benefits
 * Automatic Tool Changer Features
-. Super-fast; automatic quick changing of tools within 0.2 seconds and good positioning repeatability.
-. Super-simple; super-simple and super-convenient tool changer without any pneumatics or external power system.
-. TCV1 and TCV2 use Hanwha Precision Machinery/Robotics’s system power as 24V@2A only for 0.2 seconds.
-. TCW1 is powered by a built-in battery and operated by the wireless control system.
-. TCW1 lasts up to 10,000 tool changing and magnetic gripping processes on a sing full charging.
-. Super-strong; TCV1 and TCW1 are up to 10Kg, and TCV2 is up to 16Kg.
-. Robot tool holding force with 3 times the safety factor of TCV1 and TCW1, and with 2.5 times the safety factor of TCV2.
-. Fully wireless; TCW1 is world’s first completely wireless switchable magnetic tool changing system.
 *Magnetic Gripper Features
-. Powerful loading force transferring ferromagnetic (ex. Iron, etc) of up to 10kg (22lbs) by TCV1 & TCW1 and up to 16kg by TCV2.
-. Transferring various types of ferromagnetic parts or products from thin film that is 0.5mm or thicker to rough surfaced products

Magbot consists of a robot-side tool changer and tool-side tool changer; the tool-side tool changer is connected to various tools (end-effectors) in advance is seated on tool stand the robot-side tool changer is
1)TCV1 and TCV2 use Hanwha Precision Machinery/Robotics’s system power
2)TCW1 is powered by its own battery power and wireless operating system.
The built-in battery lasts up to 10,000 operations per charge and needs to be charged when the red LED comes on.

What’s in the box
1)Tool Changer (1EA)
2) Tool Plate (3EA)
3) Tool Rail Bracket (3EA)
4) Cable (2EA)
5) Bolt (28EA)
6) Accessories (2EA)
7) USB Memory (1EA)
8) Quick Start Guide (1EA)
9) Tool Stand (1EA)
* Please check the user manual of each product for details.


 #  HCR-3A
 #  HCR-5A
 #  HCR-12A

TCV1 1)Size : Ø63 x 60mm [2.48 in x 2.32 in] 2)Weight : 660g [1.46lbs]
TCV2 1)Size : Ø80 x 70.5mm [3.15 in x 2.78 in] 2)Weight : 1450g [3.20lbs]
TCW1 1)Size : Ø95 x 86.5mm [3.74 in x 3.41 in] 2)Weight : 1,162g [2.56lbs]
* Please check the user manual of each product for details.

Certifications & Standards
 -. ISO 9001
 -. ISO14001
 -. TCV1 - FCC   CE
 -. TCV2 - FCC   CE
 -. TCW1 – FCC  CE

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