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PHD Pneu-Connect X2 Dual Pneumatic Grippers
PHD, Inc.

PHD Pneu-Connect X2 is a cost-effective system providing easy pneumatic end-effector integration for collaborative robots. Pneu-Connect features embedded directional control valves for control of an end-effector through the robot’s tool port. The system easily attaches to the robot arm and allows for interfacing with the robot peripherals programming.

Additionally, an analog sensor choice is available for the Series GRH kits. The analog sensor provides jaw position feedback for increased programming functionality.

The power density of pneumatics allows for a superior performance to weight ratio when compared to some electric alternatives. This inherent property allows for lighter, non-payload robbing end-effectors, ideal for robotic applications. Additionally, when properly controlled, the compressibility of air provides intrinsically safe, back-drivable actuation capability.


Item Pneu-Connect X2
- Dual GRT Grippers
Pneu-Connect X2
- Dual GRH Grippers
Pneu-Connect X2
- (1) GRH and (1) GRT Gripper
Gripper GRT532 3-Jaw GRH12 Analog Sensors GRH12 Analog Sensor GRT532 3-Jaw
Jaw Travel 12 mm (diametrical) 75 mm 75 mm 12 mm (diametrical)
Weight 0.85 kg 1.31 kg 1.31 kg 0.35 kg
Max. Tooling Length 65 mm 100 mm 100 mm 65 mm
Operating Pressure Min. 2 bar 1.4 bar 1.4 bar 2 bar
Max. 7 bar 6.9 bar 6.9 bar 7 bar
Operating Temperature – 28  to  82° C
Gripper Repeatability  ± 0.05 mm  ± 0.05 mm  ± 0.05 mm ± 0.05 mm
Lubrication Factory lubricated for life
Close or Open Time 0.04 sec 0.215 sec 0.215 sec. 0.04 sec.
Rated Life 10 million cycles 5 million cycles 5 million cycles 10 million cycles
Total Grip Force at 6 bar  125 N 20 N 20 N 125 N


Item Status
All Gripper Models     HCR-3, HCR-5, HCR-12
FLANGE Compatible
Control Method Digital IO of Tool IO
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