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NT 100-RE-EN
Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

netTAP 100 is the protocol converter for sophisticated conversions and supports 2-port Real-Time Ethernet to serial, Fieldbus to Fieldbus, Real-Time Ethernet to Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet to Ethernet automation protocols. It supports slave and master functionality in any combination. Master functionality is unrestricted when licensed.

A memory card slot allows the user to save firmware and configuration data on a removable card. In case of failure all that is necessary to bring the plant back on-line within seconds is to move the memory card from the old netTAP 100 onto a spare unit.

Apart from standard protocols, netTAP 100 supports the creation of serial protocols with the Lua-based scripting language netSCRIPT. A full featured development environment is included within the delivery. It allows the comfortable and rapid programming of any proprietary serial protocol as well as the I/O data  pre-processing during the conversion into the other field protocol.


  • Two port gateway
    • Common housing
    • Various primary network options
    • Various secondary network options
  • IP20, DIN rail mountable
  • 24 Volts power supply
  • Mini-USB service port
  • LED indicators
  • Address switches
  • MMC card compatible memory card slot
  • Operating temperature 0°C – 60°C


Item Status
Compatible Robot HCR-3, HCR-5, HCR-12
HCR side ModbusTCP*
Device Side Profinte or Ethernet/IP**

* Setting guide is available from Hanwha Robotics. Please contact customer support.
** Protocol can be selected by installing proper firmware.

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