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1A CoBot Dress Pack

REIKU Dress Packs have been designed to fit on Hanwha HCR CoBots. Each CoBot cable management kit comes complete with conduit, 2 rotating arm assemblies 2 connectors with lock nut and 1 end of arm Frying Pan assembly. The system utilizes Velcro straps which are easy to install.

Cable protection systems for dynamic applications in Robotics have been the core business of REIKU for over 50 years.

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Each set includes ...

  • 6 Velcro straps with silicon backing for adhesion
  • 2 rotary flanges with clamps and rotating inner jaw sets
  • 2 connectors with hexagonal nuts
  • 1 end-of-arm bracket (“frying pan”)
  • 4m flexible conduit rated for highly dynamic applications


Advantages …

  • Reduces down-time of your Hanwha CoBot
  • Reduces cable/hose wear and costly premature replacement
  • Increase speed/range of motion by reducing false signals to force sensors caused when cables are tied to the CoBot arms
  • Increase the lifetime of your Hanwha CoBot
  • Quick and easy installation



  • CPUD1-17 fits to your Hanwha Cobot HCR-3
  • CPUD1-23 fits to your Hanwha Cobot HCR-5
  • CPUD1-23 fits to your Hanwha Cobot HCR-12


Where to buy

| Smart parts feeder AIVE 2.0/3.0
| Hand-E