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MT01, MT02

Multifunction, easily transportable allows you to automate very quickly your repetitive tasks and painful everyday life.

Equipped with HCR comparable to human arm, very intuitive handling from the first use.

  • Keeps flexible
  • Optimizing your applicstions
  • Increase in productivity


Item MT01 MT02
Purpose Mobile Platform Collaborative Foot
  • Body : Steel
  • Table Top : Stainless inox piece fitting (587x407 mm)
  • Body : Steel
Size 693 x 539 x 936 mm (L x l x H) 715 x 500x735 mm (L x l x H)
Weight 61 kg 100 kg
Internal Storage
  • Storage for Hanwha HCR-series Controller box
  • Interchangeable plate for multifonction installation
  • Led jack, to Know the state of the robot
  • Storage for Hanwha HCR-series Controller box
  • Led jack, to Know the state of the robot
Color Chassis in epoxy paint RAL7021 and RAL7035 Chassis in epoxy paint RAL7021
Accessory a mounting support for HCR-5 with support pad a mounting support for HCR-12 and support pad
Software Programming wtih Rodi in mode Pick & Place

* The MT05 standard includes a mounting support for the Hanwha HCR-12 and a stainless steel tray with 78 positions for drawers of 45x45 mm, height 70mm (10x drawers) / 155 (5x drawers).


Item MT01 MT02
Compatible Robots* Default : HCR-5
Optinal : HCR-12, , HCR-3
Default : HCR-12
​Optinal : HCR-5, , HCR-3
Robot Mount HCR-5 bracket mount is included HCR-12 bracket mount is included
Mounting other robots Available on request
Calibration Available
Manual for MT05 Available

* All HCR-3, HCR-5 and HCR-12 can be used, too. But Robot reach and weight balance needs to be considered.



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