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The OnRobot Eyes makes it easy and affordable to deploy vision for almost any collaborative application. Eyes is ideal for sorting a variety of objects, CNC machine tending with metal parts that are defined by outer shape, and many other pick-and-place applications where orientation is important.


With the OnRobot Eyes you can now easily sort, pick and place unstructured applications with high reliability using any robot arm. Eyes can be mounted on the robot wrist or externally, with position adjustments to adapt to your application, and integrates seamlessly with the robot interface and gripper through the OnRobot Quick Changer. Deployment is fast, so there is minimal downtime for changeovers to new products or processes. One-picture calibration and part recognition takes just minutes, and programming is intuitive and fast. And with Eyes’ advanced, affordable 2.5D vision, you get depth perception and the ability to stack parts, without adding complexity.

Camera Characteristics

Item Value
Interface USB-C 3.x
Image Sensor Technology Rolling Shutter
RGB Camera FOV 69.4° x 42.5° x 77° ( /- 3°)
RGB Camera Resolution 1280 x 1080
Depth Technology Active IR Stereo
Depth FOV 65°±2° x 40°±1° x 72°±2°
Depth Output Resolution 1280 x 720
Working Distance 400 ~ 1000 mm
IP Rating IP 54

Eyes Features

Item Value
Type of vision system 2.5D   
Minimum part size 10 x 10 mm or 15 mm diameter   
Applications supported Detection, Sorting   
Mounting options supported Robot and External   
Reconfigurability when Robot mounted 12 configurations (4 x 3)  
Around Robot's flange Tilt orientations
0 - 90 - 180 - 270 (degrees) 0 - 45 - 90 (degrees)
Processing time Typical: 0.5 s  
Detection Repeatability < 2 mm  
Detection Accuracy External Mount Robot Mount
Typical: 2mm Typical: 2mm
Weight 1.01kg
2.23 lb


Item Status
Compatible Robot HCR-3, HCR-5, HCR-12
Flange Compatible
Tool I/O Connector Not Used
Rodi-X Plug-in Available
Control Method Rodi-X commands
Manual for HCR Available
Script Samples Available
| PHD Pneu-Connect X2 Dual Pneumatic Grippers
| Screwdriver