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AG-95 Adaptive Gripper
DH-Robotics Technology Co.,Ltd

The AG-95 adaptive gripper is designed for multi-purpose gripping applications and can pick objects in different sizes and shapes without changing the end-of-arm tools, with a large stroke and adjustable gripping force. It’s also easy-to-use due to seamless integration with Hanwha collaborative robots.

Through a plug-in installed in Hanwha’s Rodi-X system, user could easily get full access to the control of gripper, including position and force control, as well as gripping detection. With such functions, DH-Robotics AG-95 gripper improves the gripping and manipulating capability of robots used in different scenarios such as electronics, automobile components handling, medical equipment, etc.


Item Value
Opening Stroke 95mm
Gripping Froce 45~160N
Recommended Max Payload 3kg*
Max Closing Speed 136mm/s
Gripper Weight 1kg
Position Repeatability 0.03mm
Communication Protocols TCP/IP, USB2.0, RS-485, CAN2.0A
Supply Voltage 24VDC±10%
Current ≤1.5A

* Related to the shape of object and friction rate between object and fingertips.
  The offset of center of gravity may also influence the payload.
  Contact DH-Robotics for support if uncertainty remains.



Item Status
Compatible Robots HCR-3, HCR-5, HCR-12
Communication TCP/IP Socket or USB*
Flange Standard for Hanwha**
Cable Length 5m (Standard), 15m (Optional)
Manual for HCR Available
Script samples Available
Rodi-X Plug-in Available
Power From robot controller

* for USB communication a driver needs to be installed.
** Flange and all accessories are provided in the gripper package.

Rodi-X plug-in examples

Gripper Setting

Gripper Command

For 'Quick start guide' and 'Rodi-X Plug-in', please contact DH Robotics (click) 
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